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Molten Glass

Glass is a material formed from Glasswort, Quicklime and Sand. It is used to make Coherers and Light Bulbs.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Find a Glasswort in the desert and cut it using a Sharp Stone, Flint Chip, or knife. After 30 seconds it will become dry. Set it alight with a Firebrand, and after 10 seconds it will become ashes. Pick up the ashes with a Clay Bowl, and add a Bowl of Water. Add a piece of Blank Paper, then use another clay bowl to strain the solution. Discard the Dirty filter Paper. After 30 seconds, the soda ash will dry out, and can be combined with a Bowl of Quicklime and a Bowl of Sand.

Fire at a Firing Forge to get Molten Glass. Note: Molten glass will cool after 10 seconds, but can be reheated at the forge.

Using[edit | edit source]

Use a Blowpipe on Molten Glass to form a hot bulb. Note: The hot glass bulb will cool after 10 seconds, but can be returned to a Clay Bowl, or used directly on a firing forge. Use the hot bulb on various ingredients to form a Coherer, Light Bulb, Vacuum Diode or Vacuum Triode

Coherer[edit | edit source]

Use a file on a piece of Wrought Iron. Remove the wrought iron and pick up the iron filings in a Clay Bowl. Add Copper Wire, and use a Blowpipe With Hot Glass Bulb. The Coherer can then be taken from the bowl.

Carbon Filament[edit | edit source]

Carbon Filament is the base ingredient used to make Light Bulbs, Vacuum Diodes, and Vacuum Triode. Add Thread to a Clay Bowl, and seal with a Clay Plate. Heat at a Firing Adobe Kiln using Wooden Tongs. Remove the plate, take out the carbon filament and add Copper Wire.

Light Bulb[edit | edit source]

Light Bulbs are used to make Marconi Receiver. To make, use a Blowpipe on Molten Glass, and within 10 seconds, use it on a Carbon filament with wire leads to get a Light Bulb.

Vacuum Diode[edit | edit source]

Vacuum Diodes are used to make AM Receiver. To make, add another Copper Wire to a Carbon Filament with Wire Leads to get Diode Leads. Then add hot glass as with a light bulb.

Vacuum Triode[edit | edit source]

Vacuum Triodes are used to make AM Transmitter and AM Receiver. To make, add another Copper Wire to Diode Leads to get Triode Leads. Then add a hot glass bulb as with a light bulb. Two Triodes can be joined together.

History[edit | edit source]

  • v.194 - Vacuum Diode and Vacuum Triode added.