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Tomato is a domesticated version of the Wild Tomato Plant, which can be farmed for use in cooking.

Cultivation[edit | edit source]

Find a Wild Tomato Plant in the Jungle and pick its Wild Tomato Cluster. Place the cluster into a Clay Bowl, and after 2 minutes it will ferment. Add a bowl or Pouch of water, then use it on an empty clay bowl to get tomato seeds.

Sow the seeds in a deep tilled row, then water with bowl of water or full water pouch, and after 2 minutes, add a skewer to stake the tomatoes. After a further 3 minutes, the plant will bear 6 ripe tomatoes. If all tomatoes are harvested, the row will turn into a Hardened Row with Stake.

A tomato can be placed into a bowl in order to create more seeds as above. Individual seeds can be taken out of the bowl to plant, or the bowl of seeds can be used directly on the plot.

Cooking[edit | edit source]

Add tomato to a plate and use a knife to chop. From here, it is either used to make Salsa or Ketchup (see individual pages).

History[edit | edit source]