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Snowman is a festive decoration which was added in Version 184. All stages of a snowman decreases the temperature on tiles surrounding it.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Use empty hands on a Snow Bank to get a Snowball. Then use the snowball on the snowbank again to increase its size to medium, big then huge. Note: After 1 minute, a snowball will decrease in size then melt and eventually disappear.

Add a Big Snowball to a Huge Snowball, then add a Medium Snowball. Add Two Curved Branches, a Basket of Charcoal and a Carrot to complete the snowman.

After 10 minutes, the Snowman will start to melt. Then after 3 minutes, the materials except for the snowballs can be collected in the opposite order to which they were added, and after 20 seconds, the last remnant puddle will disappear.

History[edit | edit source]

  • v.184 - Snowman added
  • v.207 - All Snowman stages now melt (so no more making barriers of half-built snowmen). A completed snowman now takes 10 minutes to start melting instead of five. An incomplete snowman will take two minutes to start melting.