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A Property Fence is a Structure used to prevent the traffic of disallowed players and/or animals inside of an area. Property Gates are Structures that can only be opened by allowed players.

At first, only you can open your own Property Gates. To allow other players to open the gate, just say "[Name] owns this" while they're nearby or say "You own this" to allow the nearest person to you. People you allow to open your gate can also allow others to open it.

Property Fences will take 1 hour to decay into Rickety Property Fences, which after another hour will decay back into Property Fence Twigs. If your Property Fence is rickety, use a Stone to repair them.

It should be noted that Property Twigs are virtually infinite; A Gathering Property Twigs can drop Property Twigs on the ground without running out of them forever.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

First, use a Flint on a Long Straight Shaft to create Property Fence Twigs, then place these on the ground to create Proposed Property Fences. If you wish, use a Stone to change the orientation of the fence and wait three minutes until it turns into an Approved Property Fence. Use a Stone on it to create a Shaky Property Fence, which will turn into Property Fences after 20 minutes, and therefore become indestructible.

Property Gate[edit | edit source]

To create a Property Gate, drop Property Twigs at a Rope on the ground, creating a Proposed Property Gate. After 3 minutes, this will turn into an Approved Property gate, which you can use a Stone on to make a Shaky Property Gate. After 20 minutes, it will turn to a Property Gate.

Version history[edit | edit source]

  • v.217 - Added Property Fences
  • v.226 - Changed time for Property Fences to decay into Rickety Property Fences or Rickety Property Fences to decay into Property Fence Twigs to 60 minutes, rather than 30 minutes.

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