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Potatoes are a plant which can be farmed from it's wild equivalent, Wild Potato.


Find a Wild Potato in the grasslands and use a Sharp Stone or shovel to harvest Wild Potato Tubers. Plant the tubers in a Deep Tilled Row then water (with Bowl of Water or Full Water Pouch). After 2 minutes you will get Potato Plants, to which a Bowl of Soil must be added. After 4 minutes, it will mature, and 5 Raw Potatoes can be harvested using a shovel. Harvesting all potatoes will create a Hardened Row.

Place a raw potato in a Bowl of Water. After 30 seconds it will turn into Sprouting Potato which can be removed and cut with a Flint Chip or knife. The split potato sprouts can be planted into a deep tilled row to begin the cycle again.


Raw Potatoes can be baked in a Hot Adobe Oven to get Baked Potato. Baked potato gives two food bites which count as separate yum bonus. They can also be made into French Fries and dipped in Ketchup.


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