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Shrimp are a cooking ingredient which have a 20% chance to obtain by using a Net on an Ice Hole.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Use a Net on an Ice Hole. There's a 75% chance that the Net will return empty, a 20% chance to obtain Shrimp, and a 5% chance for a Holey Net to return. The Holey Net can be repaired by using a Small Ball of Yarn.

The shrimp are removed from the net by either dropping the net of shrimp on the ground, or directly onto a plate.

Cooking[edit | edit source]

Place the shrimp on a plate then cut using a knife. Thread them onto a Skewer then cook on Hot Coals to get Cooked Shrimp.

Note: Attempting to cook shrimp on a Fire will make Burnt Shrimp, which are inedible and have no other uses.

History[edit | edit source]