Marking Stakes

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Marking Stakes are stakes which have been installed in the ground with different markup options for building. They are made by hitting stakes with a round stone, with the number of hits determining the configuration. They can be used to make structures, trash pits, and railroad tracks. Additional configurations for rails can be made by using a mallet. Using a sharp stone digs up the stakes. Fence Holes can be created with a shovel.

Note: Fence Holes, and trash pit can only be dug on bare ground, and can not be dug on top of floors and roads.

Basic Configurations[edit | edit source]

Configuration Image Used for
East-West Wall Stakes East-West Wall Stakes.jpg Doors, Walls, Rails, Bell Tower
North-South Wall Stakes North-South Wall Stakes.jpg Doors, Walls, Rails
Corner Wall Stakes Corner Wall Stakes.jpg Walls
Floor Stakes Floor Stakes.jpg Floors and Roads
Pit Stakes Pit Stakes.jpg Small Trash Pit

Fence Holes[edit | edit source]

Fence holes are a step in building a fence. They can be created by using a shovel on east-west wall stakes, north-south wall stakes, or corner wall stakes. Adding a fence kit will create a fence. Using a shovel on fence holes will fill in the holes.

Track Configurations[edit | edit source]

Along with North-South and East-West stakes, Track End marking stakes can be obtained by hitting the equivalent basic marking stakes with a mallet. Note: A Cross Track is obtained by adding a Track Kit to a North-South or East-West Track.

Other[edit | edit source]

Newcomen Tower Stakes can be obtained by hitting Pit Stakes with a mallet. They are used to build a Multipurpose Newcomen Engine.