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A Loom is a device used to make Bolt of Wool Cloth. It is needed to make wings for the Crude Airplane as well as any cloth clothing such as a Long Dress.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Add Reed Bundle to Two Shafts to get a Loom Reed.

Add Copper Wire to Two Shafts to get a Loom Heddle.

Combine two Loom Heddles then add a Loom Reed, and add the three to a Fence Kit. Choose the location wisely, as you will be unable to move the Loom once it is placed.

Using[edit | edit source]

Add two Huge Ball of Yarn (12 Fleece in total) to the Loom. Then use Shears, and you can then remove the Bolt of Wool Cloth.

History[edit | edit source]