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Home Marker.jpg

A Home Marker acts as a compass allowing you to find your way home. It is made by using a stone on a skewer. It adds a tracking system, shown by an arrow and the word "home" at the bottom of the screen, which points towards your home marker when you are away from it. It will also show the distance to your home marker. Using a sharp stone will take it down and return a Weak Skewer.

Info[edit | edit source]

  • If another character destroys your home marker, you will still retain the tracking to that spot.
  • The home symbol will only disappear if you destroy your own home marker.
  • Home markers will chain, so that if you set a series of home markers, then remove the last one, the previous home marker will be shown.
  • The children you get after crafting a home marker will get the same tracking to it.
  • You can override a Bell Tower marker by setting your home marker. To track the bell tower again, you must remove your home marker.