Crude Airplane

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Crude Airplane with Empty Tank

Crude Airplane is a rideable vehicle which allows instantaneous (more information required) flight as well as fast transport (300% walking speed) and storage (4 large items). It is an upgraded version of a Crude Car. A Crude Airplane can only be used after age 16. It requires Kerosene to run.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Cut four individual Small Curved Shafts to get Wing Struts. Combine two together, then combine two pairs of struts to make four wing struts. Add a Bolt of Wool Cloth to the struts, and a Bucket of Liquid Latex to rubberize the Wing. Combine two rubberized wings to make a pair.

Craft a Propeller by adding Boards to a Small Pulley. Combine this with the Pair of wings to create an Airplane Kit

Add the Airplane Kit to a Crude Car with Empty Tank to get an a Crude Airplane with Empty Tank

Using[edit | edit source]

An airplane can be used as a car (giving 300% walking speed). Or using with a Landing Strip allows the user to fly to other landing strips instantaneously (It will search for a landing strip in a 180º angle to spawn there with the pilot; it is unknown whether it picks a random landing strip if there are 2 or more or if it picks the closest)

A Landing Strip is created by adding Bowl of Plaster to a Stone Road. It decays into a Flat Rock after 2 hours, or can be removed with a Steel Mining Pick.

History[edit | edit source]

  • Airplanes were added in v.196
  • v.197 - Landing Strip decays into Flat Rock now instead of Stone Road (Stone Roads could be picked up because engine doesn't support non-floor decaying into floor).