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A fence can be used for containing animals, and hitching horses. A Fence Kit is crafted with two Long Straight Shafts and an adze. Placing the fence kit in fence holes (which are created with stakes and a shovel) will result in a fence.

A fence can be removed by first hitting it with a mallet to turn it into a Loose Fence, then promptly using a shovel.

Fence Gate[edit | edit source]

Adding a Short Shaft to a horizontal fence will result in Fence Gate. A fence gate can be opened and closed with bare hands. Using a mallet on a fence gate will dislodge the shaft, which can be taken.

Version history[edit | edit source]

  • v.52 - Added fences
  • v.106 - Fence kit now containable in a cart.
  • v.146 - A fence must now be removed with a mallet and shovel; a two-step, time-sensitive process, making it harder to grief.
  • v.152 - Fences can no-longer be simply opened by removing the Long Straight Shaft. Fence Gates were added.