Domestic Mango Tree

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Domestic Mango Tree is a tree that can be farmed from it's wild equivalent, Wild Mango Tree. It yields Mango Leaf, and can be chopped down with a steel axe to get firewood, Butt Log and stump. A Fruiting Domestic Mango Tree is obtained 1 hour after adding a Basket of Soil and a Full Bucket of Water, to yield 8 mangoes. A Mango Tree Cutting can be taken using shears.

Cultivation[edit | edit source]

Take a Mango Tree Cutting from a Wild Mango Tree using shears, and plant it in a Deep Tilled Row to get Dry Mango Sapling Cutting. Water the dry plot using a bowl of water or full water pouch, and after 30 minutes it will turn into Dry Mango Sapling. Water once more, and after 1 hour, it will turn into a Languishing Domestic Mango Tree.

Add a Basket of Soil to get Dry Fertile Domestic Mango Tree then add a Full Bucket of Water to get Wet Fertile Domestic Mango Tree. Then after a further hour, it will fruit and yield 8 mangoes. After picking all mangoes, the tree will return to its Languishing state