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Cursing is a player-influenced anti-griefing system.

If you see another player griefing, you can 'curse' them by using phrases such as "CURSE X" where X is the desired name. For each curse a player receives, their curse score will go up by 1 point. If they get 8 (Might be outdated) points, they will be cursed and banished to "Donkey Town". However, you have a maximum of 1 token, and it takes 15 minutes of your playtime to regenerate a curse token so make sure to use it on someone that truly deserves it. Your token can be found in the bottom right of your screen and looks like a small X with an arrow going halfway around the right side. If it is present, you have a curse token that you can use.

Contrary to initial belief, Donkey Town is not an actual town. It is simply a very far away spawn[1] with a lower population. It is not recommended to try and purposely get yourself sent there to see what its like.

Many players mistake harmless acts for griefing, due to misinformation or an incomplete understanding. Even murder is not always necessarily griefing. Misunderstanding can be alleviated by asking simple questions of the perpetrator (e.g. "WHY?"). Use your judgement and remember- one day the misplaced blame may be cast upon you!

Phrasing[edit | edit source]

These are the accepted phrases used in cursing.

  1. CURSE X
  2. I CURSE X

A successful curse is accompanied with purple speech text, and a chime noise. A player's full name must be used, for example: "Curse Sally West" or "I curse Sally West". Using just the first name will either be unsuccessful or curse the wrong player. Unnamed players cannot be cursed. However, it is possible to name an unnamed player, by either the usual method of holding and saying "You are NAME", or (if they are too old to hold) standing nearby (within about a screen's distance) and saying "You are NAME".

In cases where there are more than one player with the same name, Roman Numeral suffixes are automatically given to the sequential players, for example: "Sally West IV". In order to curse the correct person, you must include the Roman numerals in your curse, i.e.: "Curse Sally West IV". Babies and children are unable to curse other players whose names exceed their character limit. However, it is possible to curse a player for up to 2 hours after their death, allowing you to curse them or convince others to curse them once you have grown older in another life.

It is not possible to curse yourself, even in another life.

Curse Token[edit | edit source]

Curse Token.png

When you curse someone, you use up your curse token, which can be seen at the bottom right corner of the game interface. You have a maximum of 1 token, and it takes 15 minutes of your playtime (not just after 15 minutes) to regenerate a curse token, so make sure to use it on someone that deserves it. Curse tokens are server based so if you curse someone on one server, you will still have a curse tokens on the others.

Curse Score[edit | edit source]

Your curse score, represents the number of times other players have cursed you. You cannot see your curse score (unless you are in donkey town) nor anyone else's. For every hour you play, one curse point will be removed from your score. But the time will only count if you have lived for longer than 10 minutes. So if you live for five minutes, that will not go towards decreasing your curse score, but living for 15 minutes will decrease your time by 15 minutes. Curse scores are global. So if you are cursed once on three different servers your curse score will still be 3.

Donkey Town[edit | edit source]

When a player reaches a curse score of 8 they will be born marked and their speech bubbles will be inverted (white text with black background) in their next life. Marked players will also be force-spawned into "Donkey Town", a far-away spawn location on all servers,[1] where you can only spawn in if you are marked. Marked players will then have to play out a fixed amount of time, after which their score will be set to 7, and can be born back at the normal spawn locations. After that, you burn one curse point every hour that you play as usual. Donkey Town residents will be able to see a count of their excess curse score.

Time Served[edit | edit source]

The amount of time served in Donkey Town is a fixed rate, based on your lifetime curse score (The total amount of curses ever received) as seen in the table below. Repeat offenders who keep bothering people as a way of life, will eventually serve 5 hours every time they go to donkey town. A brand new player who tries something once will spend only a half hour in Donkey Town. [2]

Lifetime Total Hours to Serve
0-14 0.5
15-24 1
25-54 2
55-64 3
65-74 4
75+ 5

History[edit | edit source]

  • v.122 - Curses added
  • v.132 - with the addition of paper and notes, it was possible to leave a "curse note" which would force other players to use their curse token when the note was read. This was patched.
  • v.139 - Donkey Town update - marked players spawned ~50K from regular players.
  • v.143 - Global Curse Server added which tracks "lifetime curse points, along with total score."[3] [4] [5]
  • v.156 - "Donkey Town residents see a count of their excess curse score."
  • v.162 - Time spent in Donkey Town is fixed, and based on lifetime score.[2][6]
  • v.254 - Donkey Town fixed so that it is located outside of the area bounded by Rift.

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