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Crafting in One Hour One Life allows players to produce tools, food and clothing out of the materials they've gathered.

These crafted objects will help the player survive in the wild and build a village. However, some objects have a limited life span and can break with use or deteriorate over time.

Also see: Farming, Baking, Smithing, Building

Recipe Tech-tree[edit | edit source]

Onetech is an up-to-date resource for searching ingredients and recipes, as well as tech-trees for crafting. It can also be accessed via the link at the top of the One Hour One Life website

Tools[edit | edit source]

Basic Tools[edit | edit source]

Basic tools can be made from gathering materials from the wilds. Like tree branches, plants and stone

Name Image Name Image Name image
Stone  Stone.jpg Sharp Stone Sharp Stone.jpg Flint Chip Flint Chip.jpg
Straight Branch Straight Branch.jpg Long Straight Shaft Long Straight Shaft.jpg Short Shaft Short Shaft.jpg
Yew Branch Yew Branch.jpg Yew Shaft Yew Shaft.jpg Stakes Stakes.jpg
Small Curved Branch Small Curved Branch.jpg Small Curved Shaft Small Curved Shaft.jpg Fire Bow Drill Fire Bow Drill.jpg
Thread Thread.jpg Rope Rope.bmp Lasso Lasso.jpg
Stone Hatchet Stone Hatchet.jpg Stone Hoe Stone Hoe.png Skewer frameless
Basket Basket.jpg Wooden Tongs Wooden Tongs.jpg Knitting Needles Knitting Needles.jpg

Advanced Tools[edit | edit source]

Some tools need a variety of objects to craft them, others may need a forge, or kiln.

Name Image Name Image
Mallet Mallet.jpg Shovel Shovel.jpg
Steel Chisel Steel Chisel.jpg Smithing Hammer Smithing Hammer.jpg
Steel File Steel File.jpg Steel Adze Steel Adze.jpg
Shears Shears.jpg Steel Axe Steel Ax.jpg
Knife Knife.jpg Bow Saw Bow Saw.jpg
Bellows Bellows.jpg Steel Mining Pick Steel Mining Pick.jpg
Steel Froe Steel Froe.jpg Steel Hoe Steel Hoe.jpg
Drop Spindle  Drop Spindle.jpg Needle and Thread  Needle and Thread.jpg

Food[edit | edit source]

Full nourishment guide.

Raw Food[edit | edit source]

Food that can be picked from plants or is uncooked.

Raw Food Image Name Image
Wild Gooseberry Gooseberry.jpg Domesticated Gooseberry Domestic Gooseberry.jpg
Wild Onion Wild Onion.jpg Bowl of Gooseberries Bowl of Gooseberries.jpg
Burdock Burdock Root.jpg Skinned Rabbit Skinned Rabbit.jpg
Wild Carrot Wild Carrot.jpg Raw Mutton Raw Mutton.jpg
Psilocybe Mushroom Psilocybe Mushroom.jpg Plucked Goose Plucked Goose.jpg
Cactus Fruit Cactus Fruit.jpg Raw Pie Raw Rabbit Pie.png
Carrot Carrot.jpg

Cooked Food[edit | edit source]

Food that needs a hot coals or a oven to cook it.

See Baking for pie recipes.

See Cooking Raw Meat guide.

Name Image Name Image
Cooked Rabbit Cooked Rabbit.jpg Cooked Mutton Pie Some Cooked Pie.jpg
Cooked Mutton Cooked Mutton.jpg Cooked Berry Carrot Pie Some Cooked Pie.jpg
Cooked Goose Cooked Goose.jpg Cooked Rabbit Carrot Pie  Some Cooked Pie.jpg
Cooked Carrot Pie Cooked Carrot Pie.jpg Cooked Berry Rabbit Pie Some Cooked Pie.jpg
Cooked Berry Pie Some Cooked Pie.jpg Cooked Berry Carrot Rabbit Pie Some Cooked Pie.jpg
Cooked Rabbit Pie Some Cooked Pie.jpg

Basic Farming[edit | edit source]

Seeds[edit | edit source]

(Full Article: Seeds)

Name Image Name Image Name Image
Wild Carrot (Plant) Seeding Wild Carrot.jpg Wild Gooseberry Bush Wild Gooseberry Bush.jpg Ripe Wheat Ripe Wheat.jpg Fruiting Milkweed Fruiting Milkweed.jpg
Carrot Seed Head Carrot Seed Head.jpg Gooseberry Seed Gooseberry Seed.jpg Wheat Seed Head Wheat Seed Head.jpg Milkweed Seed

Milkweed Seed.jpg

Soil[edit | edit source]

Name Image Name Image Name Image
Fertile Soil Pit Fertile Soil Deposit.jpg Tilled Row Deep Tilled Row.jpg Hardened Row Hardened Row.png
Dry Planted Carrots Dry Planted Carrots.jpg Planted Gooseberry Seed Dry Planted Gooseberry Seed.jpg Dry Planted Wheat Dry Planted Wheat.jpg
Wet Planted Carrots Wet Planted Carrots.jpg Wet Planted Milkweed Wet Planted Milkweed Seed.jpg Wet Planted Wheat Wet Planted Wheat.jpg
Carrot Sprouts Carrot Sprouts.jpg Dry Planted Milkweed Dry Planted Milkweed Seed.jpg Wheat Spouts Wheat Sprouts.jpg
Carrot Row Carrot Row.jpg Milkweed Sprout Milkweed Sprout.jpg Harvested Wheat Harvested Wheat.jpg
Seeding Carrots Seeding Carrots.jpg Domestic Gooseberry Bush Domestic Gooseberry Bush.jpg Wheat Sheaf

Wheat Sheaf.jpg

Eaten Carrot Row Eaten Carrot Row.jpg Milkweed Milkweed.jpg Corn Corn.jpg

Advanced Farming[edit | edit source]

Compost and Wells[edit | edit source]

Name Image Name Image Name Image
Straw Straw.jpg Bowl of Gooseberries and Carrot Bowl of Gooseberries and Carrot.jpg Bowl of Mashed Berries and Carrot Bowl of Mashed Berries and Carrot.jpg
Water Pouch Full Water Pouch.jpg Sheep Dung Sheep Dung.jpg Shovel of Dung Shovel of Dung.jpg
Dry Compost Pile Dry Compost Pile.jpg Wet Compost Pile Wet Compost Pile.jpg Composted Soil Composted Soil.jpg
Cistern Empty Cistern.jpg Shallow Well Shallow Well.jpg Deep Well Deep Well.jpg

Hunting/Trapping[edit | edit source]

Name Image
Snare Snare.jpg
Yew Bow Yew Bow.jpg
Arrow Arrow.jpg

Fire making[edit | edit source]

Basic Fire Making[edit | edit source]

See Fire for full guide.

Name Image Name Image
Leaf Leaf.jpg Ember Leaf Ember Leaf.jpg
Juniper Tinder Juniper Tinder.jpg Kindling Kindling.jpg

Juniper Tinder

Smoldering Tinder.jpg Ember Shaft Ember Shaft.jpg

Juniper Tinder

Burning Tinder.jpg Firebrand Firebrand.jpg
Fire Fire.jpg

Advanced Fire Making[edit | edit source]

Name Image Name Image
Butt Log Butt Log.jpg Firewood Firewood.jpg
Large Slow Fire Large Slow Fire.jpg Large Fast Fire Large Fast Fire.jpg
Hot Coals Hot Coals.jpg

Oven/Kiln/Forge Making[edit | edit source]

Name Image Name Image
Adobe Adobe.jpg Adobe Oven Hot Adobe Oven.jpg
Adobe Kiln Adobe Kiln.jpg Forge Forge.jpg
Sealed Adobe Kiln Firing Adobe Kiln Sealed.jpg Charcoal Big Charcoal Pile.jpg
Crucible with

Iron and Charcoal

Crucible with Iron and Charcoal.jpg Unforged Sealed


Unforged Sealed Crucible.jpg
Crucible with

Scrap Steel

Crucible with Scrap Steel.jpg Bowl of Limestone Bowl of Limestone.jpg
Bowl of Quicklime Bowl of Quicklime.jpg Bowl of Plaster Bowl of Plaster.jpg

Pottery[edit | edit source]

Smithing[edit | edit source]

Complete Smithing Guide

Iron[edit | edit source]

Steel[edit | edit source]

Gold[edit | edit source]

Sewing/Textiles[edit | edit source]

Complete Clothes guide.

Basic Sewing[edit | edit source]

Furs[edit | edit source]

Wool[edit | edit source]

Fur Clothes[edit | edit source]

Wool Clothes[edit | edit source]

Dyes[edit | edit source]

Carpentry[edit | edit source]

Construction[edit | edit source]

Wood[edit | edit source]

Adobe[edit | edit source]

Stone[edit | edit source]

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