Red Cabbage

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Red Cabbage is an ingredient used to make sauerkraut and can be farmed from a Wild Cabbage plant.

Cultivation[edit | edit source]

Find a Wild Cabbage in the badlands, and dig it using a sharp stone or shovel. A dug wild cabbage will disappear after 2 minutes. Using an empty hand, take a Cabbage Seed. Cabbage seeds disappear after 5 minutes, but placing in a Clay Bowl will stop it from decaying.

Plant a seed in a Deep Tilled Row and water it with a Bowl of Water or Full Water Pouch and after 4 minutes, the cabbage will mature. A ripe plant can be cut with a Sharp Stone, Flint Chip, or knife to get 1 Red Cabbage to be used in Sauerkraut. Taking the cabbage will leave a Hardened Row

Or, if left for 5 minutes, will turn into Seeding Cabbage Plant which can be harvested for 4 seeds.

Info[edit | edit source]