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Broken Tools are the result of consuming the last use of any limited use tool. Mallets, if used completely, will yield a Broken Wood Tool. A Stone Hoe will yield a Broken Stone Tool, and a Stone Hatchet, a Small Broken Stone Tool. Smithing Hammers, Shovels, Steel Axes, Steel Adzes, Chisels, Steel Froes, Bow Saws, Steel Mining Picks, and Steel Hoes will yield a Broken Steel Tool if its last use is consumed. A Broken Tool can be thrown in a Trash Pit or it will decay in 1 hour.

Two Broken Steel Tools can be combined to make a Clump Of Scrap Steel, so it is recommended to recycle Broken Steel Tools this way.

Clump of Scrap Steel[edit | edit source]

Clump of Scrap Steel.jpg

Clump of Scrap Steel is an ingredient in smithing made by combining two Broken Steel Tools. It is a way to recycle steel.

Put it in a clay bowl to get Crucible with Scrap Steel. Then add a plate to get Unforged Sealed Crucible which can be fired at a forge using Wooden Tongs to get Steel Ingot. Unlike Broken Steel Tools, a Clump of Scrap Steel does not decay.