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Ice Cream

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Crock of Ice CreamBowl of Ice CreamSpoon of Ice Cream

Ice Cream is a food source made from cream, and sugar. Ice cream can be extracted by using a Clay Bowl to get Bowl of Ice Cream, which then requires a spoon to eat.

Cooking[edit | edit source]

Combine Cream with Sugar. Once everything is ready, work quickly, before the snow melts. Collect some snow from a Snow Bank using a Clay Crock and add some Salt. Add the sugared cream, and use a skewer to mix. Remove the bowl using bare hands. After this, the ice cream is no longer in risk of melting. Use a spoon to take individual serves. One bowl holds 4 spoons of ice cream.

Tip: A crock of snow will melt after 2 minutes, or 30 seconds once the salt is added, or in 1 minute after the sugared cream is added, or in 1 minute after the ice cream is made. The melted sugared cream can be refrozen, but any salt used is lost.