Bowl of Gooseberries and Carrot

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Bowl of Gooseberries and Carrot.jpg

A bowl of gooseberries and carrot is made by adding a carrot (or wild carrot, or bowl of carrot) to a full bowl of gooseberries. It is used in domestication of sheep, compost and baking.

Bowl of Mashed Berries and Carrot[edit | edit source]

Bowl of Mashed Berries and Carrot.jpg

Mashing the bowl with a sharp stone will make Bowl of Mashed Berries and Carrot, which can be used in compost or to make Cooked Berry Carrot Pie. However the pie is normally not made unless you have a great abundance in carrots and berries, since compost and sheep take priority. The mashed form can also be used to feed sheep as usual.