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Bowl of Gooseberries

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Bowl of Gooseberries.jpg

Bowl of Gooseberries is formed by putting 6 gooseberries collected from a wild or domestic gooseberry bush into an empty clay bowl. You can eat from a bowl of gooseberries by holding it and clicking on yourself, it will remove one berry for every click. Combining with a carrot or wild carrot will craft a Bowl of Gooseberries and Carrot, which is used to make compost and feed sheep

Bowl of Gooseberries can also be used in baking by putting directly into a pie crust, or combining with skinned rabbit and/or carrot to make a variety of pies.

History[edit | edit source]

  • v.184 - Gooseberries can now be removed again from a Bowl of Gooseberries (by using right click).