Bowl of Dough

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Bowl of dough is an ingredient in baking made from wheat and water. It can be used to make four pie crusts, or four wheat tortillas. If not used at least once, after one minute it will turn into Leavened Dough - which can be used to make bread.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Firstly, harvest some wild or farmed ripe wheat using a sharp stone. wheat seeds despawn fairly quickly so take care not to harvest all nearby wheat before replanting. Take the wheat sheaf and thresh it using a straight branch or small curved branch. Pick up the threshed wheat in a bowl. Note: the straw should be used promptly for compost, baskets or hats as it will despawn after 4 minutes.

Use a round stone on the bowl of wheat to turn it into flour. Add a bowl of water and you will create dough.

Info[edit | edit source]