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Boiler is a smithing part used to craft Newcomen Pump, Multipurpose Newcomen Engine, Oil Rig, and Fractional Distiller. It is combined with Crude Piston and Crude Cylinder to make Newcomen Atmospheric Core or with a Fractional Distillation Tower to make a Fractional Distiller. Boiler can only be picked up after age 13.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Fire a piece of Wrought Iron at a Firing Forge using Wooden Tongs. Set on a Flat Rock and hit four times with a Smithing Hammer. After 10 seconds it can be removed from the rock.

Wrought Iron Progression:
Hitting a Hot Wrought Iron on Flat Rock with
a Smithing Hammer will make:

Version History[edit | edit source]