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Custom Server[edit | edit source]

By default when logging in, the game client will pick a random non-full server from the list and connect. However, a user can set a specific server to join if they desire. This can allow the player to only connect to a specific official server or to connect to a private server.

Go to your game and open the settings. Enable custom server and type “” where X is the desired server number or type in the private server IP. The default port is usually correct though some private servers may need a different value. Default is 8005.

Hard To Quit Mode[edit | edit source]

A simple advanced setting that is presumably useful when the game is run as a demonstration at gaming conferences. The Hard To Quit setting removes all in-game quit buttons except the main menu's, and makes the application's window exit button non-functional. The Esc key no longer opens the control instruction window and by extension the press % to quit. Once the character dies the only option is to be reborn. To exit the application one must open their operating system's task manager and forcibly kill the application.

As always go to your game's folder and open the settings sub-folder. Find the hardToQuitMode.ini file and open it in a text editor. The contents is a single character which should be a 0, for off, or a 1, for on. Any other data and it will default to the off state.

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